Look, I’m really into Rei/Nagisa, I adore Nagisa as he is my all-time favourite character and Rei also holds a very special place in my heart, but I really don’t like how some people interpret them…

I mean… I’ve seen people criticizing every relationship Rei and Nagisa have with other characters just because it means that they’re not always hanging out/talking together…? This is just my opinion, but I don’t think Rei or Nagisa would go out with other people just to make the other one jealous, and I don’t think the only people they care about in their lives are each other - they both have friends and acquaintances. Their worlds don’t depend on one and another, they’re clearly united by a very strong bond but that doesn’t mean that any relationship besides the one between them both is not important for them.

I also see some people reducing everything that they say or do to some sort of relationship joke…? For example, the scene from last season when Nagisa offered Rei a bite of his ice-cream was interpreted as an indirect kiss countless times instead of what it was supposed to be (carefree Nagisa trying to cheer Rei up) and overall most of the time Nagisa is portrayed as sex-obsessed when he’s in fact pretty innocent and I don’t think that interpreting almost everything he does as a “he wants fo fuck Rei” is right… I feel like their relationship is much deeper and important than just sex, their relationship is not superficial or one-sided, they complement each other and there’s no denying that they love each other (because there is not only one kind of love) - but I don’t see enough people appreciating that beautiful relationship without making it sound meaningless.

I don’t want to tell anybody that they’re wrong but I don’t think that these interpretations are in character at all, and I really don’t like when characters that I appreciate a lot for their personalities are mischaracterized :(


imagine being rich and a fan of anime. like, millionaire. want a figure? buy ten. like what a characters wearing one episode? hello personal tailor. want some merch but u cant find anything cool? who cares. pay someone to make some just for u. completely in love with one character? buy a fucking custom-made life sized wax figure. oh man. the dream


Hey Kyoani, remember Haru, that pretty, quiet boy who loves swimming and is supposed to be the main character of your show? Yeah, I miss that guy… I’ve barely seen him lately hmmm